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Self-Study CD-ROM #8 – Register

Lecture – Dr. David Quinto-Pozos "Register" including analysis of Traffic Report
Exercises – Traffic Report*, Cooking Lesson
Activities – Which Way Did the Bicycle Go?, A Ride to Remember*
*includes an audio version for English to ASL interpreting practice
and a script in pdf format for CDI English to ASL interpreting practice

Sign Language interpreters can earn ACET or CEUs from RID using these CD-ROMs.  Based on the full curriculum, each program is self-paced, provides instant feedback, and contains practice material for use beyond the scope of the training.  The CD-ROMs are both PC and Mac compatible.  An indefinite number of CD-ROMs are planned for this series – a new one will be released approximately every three months.  Although you could start with any of the programs, the series is cumulative, and your learning will be maximized by starting with the first CD-ROM and using the other CDs in numerical order.

ISBN: 1-932501-30-4 (CLS8)

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If you wish to participate in RID’s CEU or ACET program and earn 0.5 units per CD-ROM, you must provide your RID member number in the Comments Box of this shopping cart at the time of your check out.

Note: If you are ordering more that one copy of any Self-Study CD-ROM you must provide the name and RID member number for the user of each CD-ROM you order.  CEUs cannot be awarded without this information at the time of purchase.

When you have completed a program successfully, a special code will appear in the CD-ROM program.  You will be instructed to send this code in an email to Treehouse Video LLC.  You will then be awarded 0.5 CEUs from RID.

By placing your order, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

I understand that the materials provided on these CD-ROMs are not to be copied to any computers except those owned by me.  

I understand that these materials are intended for the purpose of my individual study and continuing education.

I understand that I can earn no more than 0.5 CEUs for each CD-ROM, and that the CEUs cannot be awarded to me until I notify Treehouse Video LLC with my RID Member Number and the Completion Code that will appear at the completion of each CD-ROM program.

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