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Classifiers In Context Series

New from Patricia Lessard!

Classifiers in Context Disc 1: Medical Contexts

PLEASE NOTE: This DVD-ROM is NOT compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher. We are in the process of converting it to an online format.

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Announcing a NEW interactive DVD-ROM series!
Disc One: Medical Contexts

includes CEU processing for one user

Eligible for 1.5 Professional Studies RID CEUs processed through Treehouse Video LLC

Accessible to both Deaf and hearing interpreters seeking to enhance their skills!

Organized into Four Chapters with Practice Interpreting texts available in audio and print form.

This interactive DVD-ROM features a thorough review of terminology used in ASL research on classifiers as well as several ASL texts with activities, exercises and interpreting practice opportunities.

Topics include:
  • angioplasty
  • hernia
  • hammertoe surgery
  • broken collarbone
  • scleroderma
  • leg tumor
  • Deaf Blind issues
  • heart surgery

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Classifiers in Context DVD-ROM, Disc One: Medical Contexts

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